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WordPress gallery slideshow plugin


WordPress websites, themes and plugins make about 25% of all on-line websites today. It is considered to be the fastest growing internet industry in the last decade. The wordpress community includes, web developers, web designers, bloggers and all users around the globe. Except its free software and themes, wordpress is famous for its awesome plugins.


Some of the most useful plugins are image galleries and slideshows. Most websites have an image, a gallery or a slider installed in the home page. It catches the eye and makes the users more interested in the written content. If visual content is important to your site, you must have a professional, reliable, easy to manage and update slideshow plugin.

GB Gallery Slideshow

GB Gallery Slideshow is an awesome new jquery slider plugin. Its Ajax based admin makes it very easy to use. Setting up image posts, slider size and duration time has never been easier. You don’t have to be familiar with CSS3 or be a professional web developer to set up this amazing image slider.

Special effect

To receive the best results, use the GB Gallery Slideshow special effect, which allows you to make a special effect for each image. Within the premium slider admin of the plugin you will find template effects. These special effects will work well with any photo and save you the time of making them from scratch.

Responsive slideshow

GB Gallery Slideshow is fully responsive to tablets and mobile phones. It will automatically adjust the slider size to the media that is been used. There are also further size customization options for all media types included in the premium slider.


GB Gallery Slider has many more useful features. You might be interested in adding a call to action sentence that will appear on the image with a mouse over action or you might want to link the image to a different site or an inner page. The Gallery Slideshow can also display any images imported from all over the web, using only its URL. All these features and more are waiting to be on your site and improve your user’s experience.