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Why add a slideshow to your site

Slideshows are one of the most powerful tools in web design today. When you read, your mind often wanders but when you look at an image you think about what you see. Whether you have a shopping site, a blog or a non commercial school site, you want to display all your information in the most organized manner. A slideshow will most efficiently present all possible information in the first few seconds and will allow you to highlight important content. Attractive visual images and CTA (call to action) sentences will maximize your site’s profit and traffic.

Why use HTML5 as opposed to Flash

HTML5 Slideshows are convenient as they are so easy to operate. They can be used on any digital platform, as opposed to flash presentation which is not supported by any apple technology or other smartphones, and frankly most people find it quit annoying. A good HTML5 slideshow will have special effects designed to catch user attention, will take less time to load then flash and will allow you to make quick and easy changes. When you combine great effects, an easy to use and quick to load system, you gain it all and maximize the efficiency of the site.

Best slideshow content

Products and services

This is the most popular slideshow content and also the trickiest one. You have to keep your slideshow short. Remember that the max time a user will spend looking at your slideshow is 30 seconds so choose the items to display wisely.


An amazing way to display your art work is a slideshow. Whether you are a designer, photographer or an artist you can choose to showcase images from one project or one image from several projects. Make sure to customize the slideshow and the effects to visually suit your work.


The information you showcase on a slideshow can be used to promote your operation or product. It can be the latest news, announcements, updates or upcoming events. Remember to make your slide clickable with links to inner pages or anywhere else on the web, so that the user can be directed to a page with more information.

Blogs and posts

You can connect with your readers thru the slideshow. Display your latest posts or the ones that received most comments. Present an article or a product your readers will love. Add links and CTA encouraging them to browse the inner pages.


Hot tips for a great slideshow

Give the users what they are looking for. Don’t think just about advertising. Solid and useful information will make the user stay on your website.

Control the number of slides. Always consider the phrase “less is more”. Choose the most important content and display it in a way that suits your site.

Edit and customize. Make sure your images have good quality. Resize them to fit the slideshow. Think about the message you want to convey and attach one short CTA sentence. Customize the speed. Make sure that the user can see the image, read the CTA but don’t make them stay on one slide for too long.

Finally and most important, be creative, don’t be like all the others, and customize a unique slideshow for your website.