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Are you using the GB Gallery Slideshow?

Do you have a cool special effect on your slider?

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GB plugins is offering you a great opportunity to receive the premium GB Gallery Slider for free!

All you have to do is create a unique special effect on one of your slideshow images. The special effect must be made on the GB Gallery Slideshow, it must suit a specific image and it has to be part of a slideshow that has at least ten images, all of which have a special effect created for them.

If you don’t have the GB Gallery Slideshow plugin installed in your WordPress site yet, now is the time. Download the free plugin, see our tutorial play list to learn how to use all of the slider features. You can also go to our home page to learn how to make a slider with special effects in just 5 simple steps.

After your slideshow is ready, send us a complete URL of the page were we can view it. Point out the index of the image that you think has the best special effect.

We will review your slideshow and if it will meet our standards you will receive the premium GB Gallery Slideshow for free!

We look forward to see your slideshows

Good luck!