GB Plugins for WordPress

Why use a slideshow gallery plugin?

Advertising your products online? Presenting a portfolio? Running a blog that includes images? The best way to do it is via slideshow. A slideshow will convey the largest amount of information to the viewer in the shortest amount of time. A common user will spend about 10 – 30 seconds in each website, until he finds whatever he was looking for. Your home page should include a slideshow of 7 – 10 seconds. That way you can be sure that most users will dedicate this time to view your product or content, without any scrolling or clicking actions.

A picture is worth a thousand words!

The text part of a website often allows the users mind to wonder but an image will most effectively attract attention, more so an image in a slideshow that changes at the right duration time. Most effective is to add a call to action text line within the slideshow. This can refer the users to inner pages or, in case of an e-commerce website direct them straight to the “buy” page.
A well made slideshow will make your home page more appealing and will help you divert the user’s attention to your content.