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GB Gallery Slideshow special effects

Special effect

The special effect is the main feature for this wordpress plugin.
If you go to the “special effect admin”, on your wordpress dashboard you will find that the image you want to work with is divided in to a 100 square matrix.
By clicking on any of the matrix squares, it will receive the number one.
The second square you click will receive the number two and so on… these numbers determine in which order the image will be reviled.

You don’t have to click on all 100 matrix squares.

Whatever matrix will be left unclicked the plugin will complete it in a default manner top right to bottom left.
You can unclick the last square, without it changing the square sequence you made before.
If you make further changes it will affect the order of the entire matrix above the chosen box number.
It will not affect the order of matrix numbers below.
Once you are done don’t forget to click save.

GB special effect

These are special effect templates that GB Gallery Slideshow plugin created for you.
From our experience these effects work well with almost any image.
Try them out and get some creative ideas on how to use the GB Gallery Slideshow plugin.
GB special effects are available only in the premium slideshow plugin.
If you have other special effects in mind, please send them to us and we will include them in our plugin.

General effects

These basic and premium jQuery UI effects will determine the way each matrix square will disappear.
Try them out and see which works best for your slideshow.
You can choose only one general effect for each slideshow.
The premium version contains both basic and premium general effects, which means you have more options to choose from.