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How to create a good photo gallery slideshow

It is very easy to see why galleries and slideshows are so popular on today’s websites. They are the ultimate aye catcher. When a user enters your site he rarely reads more than one paragraph of text. That’s why you need a good and useful slideshow to attract his attention.
If you have a wordpress site then adding a slideshow to it will be very easy. All you have to do is find a CSS3 slider plugin that best suits your needs, upload it to your wordpress site and set up your perfect slideshow.

How to find the best slideshow gallery plugin?

When looking for a wordpress gallery slideshow plugin, that can literally make or break your site, you should take the time and examine the autor, the, support team and the features of the plugin. The plugin should be updated, no longer then six months ago and correspond with your wordpress version. Always check the quality of the support. See how quickly issues on worpress have been resolved and how fast questions were answered in the author’s site.

Which features are most important?

The basic features you should have in your wordpress gallery slideshow plugin are:

  • Ajax based admin, is the best slideshow admin for you to set up and update the slider without any web developing or CSS3 experience.
  • Make sure that the slider is responsive to other media types such as tablets and mobile phones. The best option is when a slider enables you to choose the size of the slideshow in the other media, that way you know you can insert other features to the first screen and not having the image slider take over the whole screen.
  • jQuery slideshow gallery is the best way to go if you want to have cool visual effects.
  • Look for the auto play interaction with the viewer. This feature is also based on the jquery technology and it corresponds with the user by play and pause upon a mouse over event.
  • Resizing images can be quite demanding work, so choose a slider that will resize the images for you, without changing the actual image size so you can use it also for other purposes.
  • Make shore you can add call to action sentences and links to the image slider. That way you make the slider most useful by directing the user to the desired contact using a minimum amount of clicks.
  • The best slideshow is a customized slideshow that fits the nature of your images and your business. Look for the slideshow that will give you customized transition effects. The best is to customize a special effect to each image and make the most out of all content you decide to include in your slideshow.

The best choice for you is the GB Gallery Slideshow. The premium slider has all the mentioned features and many more. It is the only gallery slideshow that gives you the option to customize a slider special effect for each image. You control the way the image will unfold before the viewer which part of an image he will see first and which will he see last. Combine this amazing feature with the variety of jquery ui effects, the GB special effect templates and all the other easy to use and awesome features and you got yourself the perfect wordpress gallery slideshow plugin.