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jQuery slideshow is the best slideshow

Jquery is the most popular Java script library in use today. Jquery is designed to ease the navigation of a document, create animations, handle events and develop Ajax applications. The most common use of jquery is in developing plugins and widgets. This software provides capabilities to create abstractions for low level interaction and animation advanced effects, which result in the creation of powerful dynamic web pages and applications.

The jquery based plugins and themes work best with wordpress and deliver amazing results. features such as: “events” that correspond with user interaction, awesome effects and animations, mostly used to create image sliders and replace the flash technology which is no longer supported by apple and other smart phones. Jquery helps develop Ajax based admins for super easy management, plugins and widgets extensibility and utilities such as user agent information and feature detection.

There are many jquery plugins available on the web today. The best jquery plugins involve visual effects, animations and “events” found mostly in image gallery and slideshow plugins.

GB Gallery Slideshow is a jquery plugin for wordpress. It contains jquery animated effects as well as a customized special effects that can be created for each image, an Ajax admin that is most easy to use, an auto play “event” that interacts with the user and options to add call to action sentences and links to images that also appear on user interaction.

All these and many more features combined in one awesome new plugin- the GB Gallery Slideshow, which uses Ajax and jquery technologies to give you the most unique, up to date and easy to use free and Premium plugin.