GB Plugins for WordPress

Image slider for a new business

You have started a new business? Congrats! You have found an awesome wordpress theme for your website, that’s great! Now you need the website to work for you, advertising your products and services. You want to achieve a few main goals. First you want every user to understand what your business is all about in the first 10 seconds with no scrolling, mouse action or any other user interaction. You want the content to be clear and organized in a logical and neat order. You need images, photos, text, call to action sentences and links to inner pages or other websites that are relevant to your work. You also want an Ajax based admin to easily manage the website yourself. So even if you are not a professional web developer or a CSS3 expert, you can still set up and update your website.

Why a slideshow gallery plugin?

The best and easiest way to present all your work to the viewer in less than 10 seconds is via a slideshow plugin. As you know an image is worth a thousand words and a customized slideshow will contain images or photos that will best capture your products or services. Because it is always on the move your viewers will definitely see more then 1 image. As oppose to a static gallery that only shows 1 image at a time and needs to be clicked on to show a different image.

The new jquery image sliders are your best slideshow choice

The new jquery slideshow gallery plugins enable text and call to action sentences to appear on top of the image. You can also add links to relevant inner pages or any other web page on the image itself. When a user enters the site, he is definitely viewing your slideshow because it is the first thing that he sees. If he has interest in one of the slider images all he has to do is interact with the slider by a mouse over the image event. Because of the built in auto play event, the image will automatically pause and the relevant text, a call to action and a link will appear. Now all the user has to do is click on the link and be directed to an inner page or any other web page with the relevant content. Please note that the user made only two events since he had entered the site and already he is been exposed to the relevant content.

And there you have it, almost all functions that a website should have in one CSS3 Slider plugin!

A great example of such wordpress gallery slideshow plugin is the GB Gallery slider. On top off all the benefits of a jquery photo slider with an Ajax best slideshow admin it has unique and customized slider special effect. This customized effect enables you to expose the viewer to the image content in the order that you choose, for example, if you want to advertise a product, show the product first, the punch line after and finish with the brand. GB Gallery Slideshow also has a long list of other cool features listed in the free and premium slider versions of this amazing new plugin.