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GB Search and Replace

What is the GB Search and Replace WordPress plugin?

Easy to use Search and Replace tool for all your website content. Makes your content management simple and fun.

What are GB Search and Replace features:

  • Search and replace any key (word/ sentence/ HTML tag).
  • Easily manage your WordPress site content.
  • Suitable to work with any post, page and most of the custom posts.
  • Works with any language and multilingual sites.
  • RTL friendly.
  • Change content written in one language to another.
  • Case sensitive option.
  • A vast variety of build in HTML tags.
  • Easy search for any HTML tag and replace with manual or build in HTML tag.
  • View the Keys in the original text as HTML or as code.
  • The keys are highlighted for easy screening of keys to replace.
  • View the new edited post/page/custom post within the plugin admin or click to open as a web page.


There are two ways to install GB Search and replace.

  1. Log in to your WordPress dashboard-> ” Plugins” -> “Add New”, search for “GB Search and replace” and click to “Install”.
  2. You can download the zip file here  and upload it from the WordPress dashboard -> “Plugins” -> “Add New” and click on the “Upload” link on top of the page.

How to use:

After installing the GB Gallery Slideshow,

follow the next steps:

Choose where to look by selecting any page, post or custom post type. Choose what key to look for by inserting a word/sentence/HTML tag to the “Search” field.
Insert a key (word/ sentence/ HTML tag) to the “Replace” field. If your key is an HTML tag, choose the tag type out of a variety of given build in HTML tags.
Fill in the HTML tags properties – optional.
Press “Go” and a list of all posts/pages/custom posts with this key will appear. Press on the posts/pages/custom posts title to view the highlighted instances of the search key.
Next to the title, find numbers in green and red. The red indicates how many keys were found in this particular post/page/custom post. The green indicates how many keys are safe to replace without any HTML knowledge.
Check the posts/pages/custom posts you want to replace. If you click one of the highlighted keys it will be removed from the replace list.
Press the “Replace” button and view the end result within the plugin or as a web page.

 That’s it … have fun!

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