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What is the GB Gallery Slideshow wordpress plugin?

GB WordPress Gallery Slideshow is Ajax and jquery based plugin. Easy to use slider, which enables you to create customized special effect slideshows.

How does it work

GB WordPress Gallery Slideshow plugin successfully displays any image from your WordPress media center or images you find on the web by pasting its full URL.

The image slider creates a custom post type which contains a title, description, choose image option, attachment to a group, *index* and an option to insert a slider special effect that can be customized or copied from the effect admin.

There is also a *check box for “active” or “non active” status* and a *“link to…” option that allows you to link the image to anywhere on the web by just inserting a full URL*.

Manage groups with Ajax jquery slideshow

GB Slideshow Gallery plugin centralized management admin allows you to enjoy a single location where you can see and manage all your groups and slider special effect.

Create and organize groups super-fast with no need to load unnecessary pages all thanks to the latest Ajax and jquery technology’s which make the best slideshow admin.

Comfortably display groups as thumbnails and *rearrange them by “drag and drop”*.

You can add and delete as many groups as you want but no group can be registered more than once.

The default “general group” can’t be deleted but it can store all image slider posts from previously deleted groups.

Customized Slider Special Effects

Special effect: the GB Gallery slider special effect is the main feature for this wordpress plugin. If you go to the “special effect admin”, on your wordpress dashboard you will find that the image you want to work with is divided in to a 100 squares matrix. By clicking on any of the matrix squares, it will receive the number one. The second square you click will receive the number two and so on… these numbers determine in which order the image will be revealed.

You don’t have to click on all 100 matrix squares. Whatever matrix will be left unclicked the Slideshow gallery plugin will complete it in a default manner top right to bottom left. You can unclick the last square, without it changing the square sequence you made before. If you make further changes it will affect the order of the entire matrix above the chosen box number. It will not affect the order of matrix numbers below. Once you are done don’t forget to click save.

*GB special effect: these are special effects templates that GB Gallery Slideshow plugin created for you. From our experience these effects work well with any image. Try them out and get some creative ideas on how to use the GB Gallery Slideshow plugin. GB special effects are available only in the premium slider plugin. If you have other special effects templates in mind, please send them to us and we will include them in our plugin.*

General effects: GB Gallery Slideshow is a jquery slideshow gallery so it includes jquery ui animation affects. These basic and premium jQuery UI effects will determine the way each matrix square will disappear. Try them out and see which works best for your photo gallery slideshow. You can choose only one general effect for each slideshow.

The premium slider contains both basic and premium general effects, which means you have more options to choose from.

GB Gallery Slideshow plugin is based on Ajax technology which makes the best slideshow plugin. It enables you to choose from a wide variety of options to set up the best slideshow. Without any web developing or CSS3 expertise, you can change the size of the displayed images without changing the actual image size, determine duration or transition time by milliseconds and choose to display the slider special effects. For even more professional styling enter a “master class”.

You can work with the widget or the shortcode. The GB Gallery Slideshow plugin is fully responsive to tablets and mobile phones. It can be set to resize automatically or *you can manually choose the size of your image slider on different media types*.

In order to display the GB Gallery Slideshow plugin in a post or a page, use the shortcode generator. Just copy-paste the shortcode to any post or page and the CSS3 slider will appear in that post or page.

for varies common use of this amazing jquery photo slider:

Advertising demo, Portfolio demo, Blog demo, Travelling demo, Funny’s demo

*Introduced only in the premium slider.*


There are two ways to install GB Gallery Slideshow.

  1. Log in to your WordPress dashboard-> ” Plugins” -> “Add New”, search for “GB Gallery Slideshow” and click to “Install”.
  2. You can download the zip file here  and upload it from the WordPress dashboard -> “Plugins” -> “Add New” and click on the “Upload” link on top of the page.

How to use:

After installing the GB Gallery Slideshow,

follow the next instructions to create your slideshow:

In your dashboard, navigate to “GB Gallery”-“add image”. You can then choose to add a title and a description. In the “post details” box select the image from your WordPress media center or add a complete URL. Make sure to check the “active” box and press “publish”. After publishing all your images you can choose to display the slider thru the widget or the short code. If you choose to work with the short code, enter the “GBGallery admin” and find the short code generator. You can also use the “GB Gallery admin” to manage your groups and special effects.

 That’s it … have fun!

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