GB Plugins for WordPress

Premium version license

All GB Gallery Slideshow premium software or products used by yourself or your company,used either for commercial or non-commercial purposes require a valid license purchased from GB Gallery Slideshow.


For each website on which a GB Gallery Slideshow premium plugin is used, a single, valid license is required, unless you purchased the  GB Gallery Slideshow developers license which you can use on an unlimited number of sites.  GB Gallery Slideshow products may be used under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.


All  GB Gallery Slideshow premium plugins may be freely adapted, modified and attributed in order to suit your personal/business needs.
None of  GB Gallery Slideshow premium plugins may be redistributed to third parties.


Updates and upgrades policy
The license on your initial purchase of the  GB Gallery Slideshow plugin will not expire. All licenses are permanent and can be used for as long as it is needed. Downloading future releases of  GB Gallery Slideshow software, updates or upgrades and technical support 1 year after the first purchase will require another purchase of the  GB Gallery Slideshow plugin.


All  GB Gallery Slideshow plugins purchased are subject to a 1 year update and upgrades package included.


Updates, upgrades, and technical support are available per one plugin. Until the updates and upgrades license expires you can continuously and infinitely access your files for download. As explained above, the license for the current version of the  GB Gallery Slideshow plugin being used will never expire.


Please note that  GB Gallery Slideshow  has the right to increase the cost of licenses,updates and upgrades in the future if needed to cover and fund development. The license, updates and upgrades price for specific products may differ from the usual fee.