GB Plugins for WordPress

How to

How to install

After purchasing the license for GB Gallery Premium Slideshow, you will receive an email with the link to download the plugin file. After downloading the file, go to your WordPress dashboard -> Plugins -> Add New -> upload (the link on top of the page)-> navigate to the downloaded file and press “install now” -> activate plugin. that’s it you are all set and ready to use the GB Gallery Premium slideshow.

How to upgrade installation from free to premium

  1. After purchasing the GB Gallery Slideshow you will receive an email. Use the link that was provided for you via email to download and save the premium plugin.
  2. Navigate to “GBGallery admin”. Make sure that the first checkbox “Please save my GB Gallery Slideshow data when deleting the plugin” is checked and the comment under is “Your GB Gallery Slideshow will be: saved“.
    (if you don’t see the checkbox in the “GBGallery admin” page, please contact us)
  3. Navigate to your wordpress dashboard -> plugins. Click the “Deactivate” link under “GB Gallery Slideshow”.
    After deactivating, click “Delete”.
  4. After deleting, click “Add new” on the top of the “Plugins” page; click the “Upload” link, click “Choose a file” button.
  5. Find the previously saved “GB Gallery Slideshow Premium” file and press “open”, click “Install Now”.
  6. After installing click “Activate Plugin”.
  7. Now you should see the GB Gallery Slideshow Premium plugin installed, ready to use and all your data should be saved.

Enjoy your new upgraded version of the GB Gallery Slideshow Premium plugin.

How to use

After installing the GB Gallery Slideshow, follow the next directions to create your perfect slideshow:

On your dashboard, navigate to “GB Gallery” -> “add image”.
You can then choose to add a title and a description.
In the “post details” box select the image from your WordPress media center or add a complete URL.
Make shore to check the “active” box’ if you want the image to be active at this time and press “publish”.

After publishing all your images you can view the group you created and edit the order of the images by drag and drop in the “Group Admin”.
Then add the special effect to each image in the “Special Effect Admin”.
Decide whether you want to display the slider with the widget or the short code.
If you choose to work with the short code, enter the “GBGallery admin” -> “ShortCode Generator”,
fill out the basic information required (the same way you would do in the widget’s area), press “Generate ShortCode” and follow the instructions provided.