GB Plugins for WordPress

The best CSS3 slider plugin

Web developers, designers and site owners today, face a great challenge. How to make their wordpress sites different and unique? If you are facing this challenge, we have some suggestions to make your job easier. The best way to upgrade your site is by adding a slideshow plugin. There are many HTML5 and CSS3 galleries and sliders available for free downloading or if you prefer something more professional, you can purchase a great premium slider for a non significant fee.

GB Gallery CSS Slideshow can be set up and used without any knowledge of programming. Once you download the plugin you will see how easy it is to use. Within minutes you can familiarize yourself with the Ajax based admin and master the group creation, time transition, image resize and special effect options.

GB Gallery is fully responsive to tablet and mobile phones, so just by checking the “auto resize” checkbox you know it will work well on every media.

GB Gallery Slideshow plugin has an option to customize a transition special effect which will distinguish your slideshow from any other. By following a few simple steps you can actually design a special transition effect for each image in your slider. On top of that you can also easily choose a jquery ui effect for the slideshow, a call to action sentences and links to the slider images; these will automatically appear and stop the slideshow on user interaction.

The GB Gallery CSS3 Slideshow plugin has loads of additional awesome features. Check them out and see that this is the best image slider for you!