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How to create a good photo gallery slideshow

It is very easy to see why galleries and slideshows are so popular on today’s websites. They are the ultimate aye catcher. When a user enters your site he rarely reads more than one paragraph of text. That’s why you need a good and useful slideshow to attract his attention. If you have a wordpress site then adding a slideshow to it will be very easy. All you...

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Image slider for a new business

You have started a new business? Congrats! You have found an awesome wordpress theme for your website, that’s great! Now you need the website to work for you, advertising your products and services. You want to achieve a few main goals. First you want every user to understand what your business is all about in the first 10 seconds with no scrolling, mouse action or...

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All about WordPress plugins

WordPress was first released in May 2003. It is a free based model for blogging and content management systems which run on a web hosting service. WordPress has countless features in the form of blogging and template systems. Since its release it has become an entire community for web developers, designers, programmers and bloggers. With more than 60 million...

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Why add a slideshow to your site

Slideshows are one of the most powerful tools in web design today. When you read, your mind often wanders but when you look at an image you think about what you see. Whether you have a shopping site, a blog or a non commercial school site, you want to display all your information in the most organized manner. A slideshow will most efficiently present all possible...

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