GB Plugins for WordPress

Blog Slideshow

Wordpress gallery slideshow plugin for a Blog website

Make your blog different. Whether you have a cooking, fashion or a house and living style blog, you can always upgrade it with The GB Gallery Slideshow plugin.

As been said before "a picture is worth a thousand words".

Include an image slider in your blog and make it much more interesting.

Create anticipation and fascinate your viewers.

By using the GB Gallery slider special effect, you can show your users just a part of an image and once you got their attention show them the rest.

For example in a cooking blog you can display the ingredients for a recipe and then the end result.

Make every slider image tell a story almost like a recorded video recipe.

For a fashion blog try to set the mood for your viewers before showing them the actual clothes or accessories.

Surprise your user's with a special jquery slideshow or a customized photo gallery slider every time they come to visit your blog.

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