GB Plugins for WordPress

Why GB Gallery Slideshow?

GB Gallery slideshow plugin for worpress was created in order to make slideshows more interesting and most importantly customized. What we had until now is the basic options to see the images one after the other, with one or maybe several effects that were given to you. You had no ability to choose a unique effect for each image and almost no customizing options.

GB Gallery slideshow has created a special effect that can be changed and customized for each image. In the special effect admin, each image will receive a 100 squares matrix. By clicking on these squares in a particular order you control the way that the image will be revealed. In the GB Gallery Slideshow premium version we have a variety of template special effects for you to choose from.
On top of our unique special effect, GB Gallery Slideshow also has all other features to make a great slideshow. Different image sizes, customized duration time, the best Ajax based admin and many more…